Serving the Inner City Since 1998

About Us

Robert J. Guinee, Sr. is a 86 year-old retired US Air Force pilot who founded and runs the Potter's Home Ministries. As an Air Force pilot during the Cold War, he flew B47's for the Strategic Air Command (his mission was to to fly a 20 Megaton Hydrogen Bomb over Moscow) and during the Vietnam War, he flew C-130s. While in the Air Force, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.

After retiring from the Air Force, he started his own company, Engineering Safety Consultants, where his company was responsible for establishing safety programs that prevented construction worker injuries, saved lives and insured OSHA compliance on jobsites. He retired at age 65 and started to raise the funds needed to erect a building and start his ministry.
Using only his retirement income, he moved into the inner city of San Antonio where his love to serve people, especially children brought him. He purchased four lots of land at South Calaveras and Noria Street and erected a 3,000 square foot metal warehouse where he would live 24 hours a day. This is one of the most troubled neighborhoods in San Antonio and he was concerned for the children who were learning wrong values, dropping out of school or girls pregnant before turning 15.

John Guinee has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He works for ESC Consultants as a information technology manager. He also owns Dynaweb Designs (a web development company), but his greatest passion is for inner city children.

He sees society becoming more lonely and disconnected from one another. Nothing can replace interacting with one another. Single mothers have difficulty raising children alone and who see today’s fast paced and technological advanced world with confusion and hopelessness.

John Guinee has helped many ministries over the last 20 years to include the Body of Christ Ministry where for several years he helped coordinate a church and food service for over 200 homeless under IH 35 at Durango. He currently maintains websites for several compassion ministries to include: San Antonio Catholic Worker House www.sa-catholicworker.org and Hope 4 The Westside Ministry www.last-chance-ministries.org.